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Peeing in Peace

Peeing in Peace in Portuguese!

Put this one down in the record books. While Peeing in Peace has experienced a steady stream (pun intended) of sales in the U.S. we are branching out and becoming an international phenomenon. Or at least we are in Brazil!...

Posted on 10/26/2008 | Continue Reading

We Made Posh Cravings

One of our favorite sites, Posh Cravings just ran a chapter from Peeing in Peace - Everything I Learned About Parenting I Picked Up on My Commuter Train. Read it and laugh!...

Posted on 09/16/2008 | Continue Reading

Our first Peeing in Peace Vodcast!

Want to find out why our book is so damn funny? Then watch Beth read one of her favorite chapters "Me, Myself and My Minivan." If you've got 12 minutes and 43 seconds to kill, then make this appointment viewing!...

Posted on 07/26/2008 | Continue Reading

Exclusive Book Excerpt...Potty Mouth Training

Thumbnail image for book.jpg

In light of Hell's Kitchen star Gordon Ramsay's recent admission that his son has picked up the art of cursing straight from him, we figured it would be a good idea to share a chapter from our book devoted to potty...

Posted on 05/08/2008 | Continue Reading

Peeing in Peace on the CW11 News!

Posted on 04/16/2008 | Continue Reading

Check us Out on Fox & Friends

Posted on 04/16/2008 | Continue Reading

We Made the Cool Mom Picks Mother's Day Guide!

  Check us out on one of our favorite shopping sites, Cool Mom Picks. Our book just made their Mother's Day Guide...rock on sista!...

Posted on 04/15/2008 | Continue Reading

Peeing in Peace...The Trailer!

Find out why the Wiggles, Robin Givens, Cameron Mathison, our friends, family and perfect strangers are raving about Peeing in Peace!...

Posted on 04/15/2008 | Continue Reading

Robin Givens Can't Pee in Peace Either

"Hello Beth! I am sitting at the airport and reading your book. How wonderful. Soooo funny and soooo meaningful. I've read the "Cinderella Syndrome" 3 times! It was such a pleasure to meet you and talk and laugh. Congratulations on...

Posted on 03/06/2008 | Continue Reading

Peeing in Peace - a top Pick by Trend Expert Amy Tara Koch!

Check out this shout out by Amy Tara Koch on iVillage! We are on our way! --------...

Posted on 01/06/2008 | Continue Reading


Check out Beth sporting her "I Don't Do Cupcakes" t-shirt on the front page of the Journal News! The perfect companion to the chapter of the same name in Peeing in Peace...which incidentally, Role Mommy readers was just purchased by...

Posted on 08/29/2007 | Continue Reading

Next Book Event....Thursday, July 26 at Let's Dish!

If you're in the Westchester area on Thursday, July 26 then I have a fun event for you to attend - and make sure to bring your girlfriends! Join me at 7 pm at Let's Dish - a fabulous...

Posted on 07/15/2007 | Continue Reading

Our Next Book Readings & Signings...JUNE 19 AND JUNE 21 IN NYC!!!

We've got two great NYC events next week. The first will be a fun and relaxing dinner with BabyBitesNYC on Tuesday, June 19 at Portofino. Come join us for wine, great food, conversation and lots of laughs!!!Then, on Thursday, June...

Posted on 06/14/2007 | Continue Reading

We're in the May Issue of Working Mother Magazine!

Peeing in Peace is featured in the May issue of Working Mother magazine! Click on the book cover or here to take a look!Beth shares how she learned everything about parenting from her 8:48 commuter train!To Return to Role Mommy,...

Posted on 05/19/2007 | Continue Reading

A Recent Review...From a Real Mom!

This Just in...We received an email last night from a working mom who just read our book and had to share her kind words...My friend recently let me borrow your book "Peeing in Peace" and I was nearly peeing...

Posted on 03/16/2007 | Continue Reading


Stop the presses!!! The Role Mommies are officially AOL coaches!!! Click Here or on the logo to the left to check out the amazing page they've created for Peeing in Peace! --------...

Posted on 02/14/2007 | Continue Reading


Check out this week's book section of OK Magazine...we're in it! How cool is that? --------...

Posted on 01/31/2007 | Continue Reading

From Wham to the Wiggles...

Yvette bonds with her favorite blockbuster kiddy group and gives them a sneak peak at the hilarious chapter in our book that gives a big shout out to the Wiggles! --------...

Posted on 01/29/2007 | Continue Reading

Our First Book Signing at Barnes & Noble!

We just had our very first book signing at the Barnes & Noble Yonkers, NY along with our amazing publisher, Nick Katsoris, who is the author of the inspiring new children's book, Growing up with Loukoumi. While the kids...

Posted on 01/20/2007 | Continue Reading


Are you a multi-tasking mom pulled in a million directions by your precocious kids, demanding boss and starved for attention spouse? Do you find the only time you are able to steal a moment to yourself is when you?re behind...

Posted on 11/17/2006 | Continue Reading

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